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Build Options Dialog

Handling of files used to build the project

Files included in the project may need to be moved or copied to make the manifest work. These options control what Manifest Maker is allowed to do.

This is the highly recommended setting. Unless you know what you are doing, do not change it.
Always Copy
Prohibits moving of any files. The resulting project directory may contain duplicates of some files.
Always Move
Requires that files be moved, not copied. This is very useful in some scenarios but might be very dangerous in others.

Other Options

Use new file locations after they have been copied.
If Manifest Maker moves a file, it always changes the project file to use the new file path. When this checkbox is checked, Manifest Maker uses the new path also after a file is copied to the target or assembly directory. This is useful if the original location of files is temporary and should not be relied upon. For example an application snapshot.