Configuring ASP Web Applications in Windows Server and IIS

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Windows Server 2003 Supports Side-by-Side for ASP Applications

Internet Information Server 6 has special functionality designed to help isolate ASP web applications. This functionality is implemented in ASP.dll. As ASP.dll starts the processing of a web request it uses CServiceConfig to prepare the COM+ environment without having to create an actual COM+ component. At this time, if configured, it calls methods of the IServiceSxsConfig interface to specify the activation context. This provides an activation context for the duration of the current requests on the thread that is processing the current request.

To isolate an ASP application:

The Examples\iis6 folder contains a complete working example with screen shots of the web server configuration in both IIS6 and IIS7.

Click here to see a rather large screen shot illustrating the example configuration.