Isolating ASP .Net 1.1 Applications

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How to use unregistered COM components from ASP .Net 1.1 Applications

ASP .Net 1.x has built-in support for Windows unmanaged (win32) side-by-side functionality. When a request is being processed ASP .Net 1.x uses CServiceConfig and the IServiceSxsConfig interface to configure the activation context to use web.manifest manifest file from the application root folder. This was originally designed to behave the same way as the ASP manifest configuration but over time drifted away from that goal. Windows 2003 Server service pack 2 actually removed the support for win32 side-by-side in ASP .Net 1.1. This was later corrected in a hotfix KB939044. This support was entirely dropped in ASP .Net 2.0 and a different approach is necessary (How to isolate ASP .Net 2.0 web application).

To configure Win32 side-by-side for the use of ASP Net 1.x application:

The activation context created by loading web.manifest is used to access Win32 (non-managed) COM classes and DLLs. Note that this does not affect the way CLR looks for and loads .Net (managed) assemblies.